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A colossal and colorful reconstruction of the Greek Parthenon is coming to the garden of the NGV this spring

Is there anything more iconic Greek than the Parthenon?

The ancient ruined temple dominates the hill of the Acropolis in Athens. But next November, a modern recreation of it will land in the garden of NGV International.

Called Boom Temple, the joint project by Adam Newman and Kelvin Tsang – of Melbourne architecture firm NWMN – is the winning design of the annual NGV Architecture Commission. The national competition is an opportunity for architects to create a temporary, in situ structure for the gallery’s Grollo Equiset Garden.

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The colossal reimagining will be splashed with colorful large-scale works by local artists to encourage Melburnians to appreciate both the beauty of the ancient ruin (while seeing it in a whole new light) and the effect of time on all the architecture.

“One of the most famous examples of classical architecture, the Parthenon in Athens is often seen as a powerful symbol of Western art and culture,” NGV director Tony Ellwood AM said in a statement. communicated.

Named after the vibrations of music, “This thought-provoking work by Adam Newman and Kelvin Tsang invites us to reflect on how we create and give meaning to architecture, and how that meaning can evolve through times and cultures.

Boom Temple will be exhibited at the Grollo Equiset Garden of NGV International from November 16th. Admission will be free.